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would like to apply for a travel grant you must have an accepted abstract and should send an e-mail to WAO at info@worldallergy.org to express your interest.


Abstract submission rules

(Florence, December 6 – 9 2018)




To submit your abstract please:

  • Visit the congress website wiscsiaaic2018.org
  • Select “Call for Paper” and follow the guidelines

Please carefully read the Abstract Guidelines below before submitting an abstract. Abstracts can only be submitted electronically through this web page.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correctly edited and accurate abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author. Abstracts will be rejected if they contain no data or if the English is unacceptable. All Presenting Authors will receive detailed presentation guidelines when their abstract has been accepted and closer to the Conference.


  • New Biological Treatments
  • Immunotherapy
  • Respiratory Allergy (Asthma, Rhinitis etc…)
  • Allergy Skin Diseases
  • Anaphylaxis and allergy to hymenoptera venom
  • Drug allergy
  • Food allergy
  • Immunological mechanisms of allergic diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Immunodeficiences and rare diseases in allergy and clinical immunology
  • Allergy diagnosis
  • Nutraceutical and allergy treatments
  • Miscellaneous

It will be possible to submit Poster, Case Reports, Oral Presentations


  • Abstract must be written and presented in English.
  • Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards.
  • Case reports that include findings that are significant and have applied appropriate statistical and analytical methods will be considered.
  • Previously published and presented abstracts can be submitted, but will not be published in the WAO Journal.
  • A maximum of 2,500 characters (approximately 400 words) is allowed for the abstract text.
  • The abstract title must be in sentence case with no full stop at the end and no underlining.
  • Tables and graphs should not be included in the abstract.
  • References (maximum of 2) can be included in the body of the text.
  • The abstract title and the author(s) or names of institutions are not to be included in the abstract text.
  • Standard abbreviations may be employed in the text. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full wording at the first time the full wording appears in the body of the text.
  • Non-proprietary (generic) names of drugs, written in lower case, are required at the first mention of a drug.
  • Trade names are not allowed.
  • Abstract must be submitted only via congress website, filling out the online form;
  • In the online form is mandatory to indicate name and surname of the first author and co-authors and name and surname of the abstract presenter during the congress; this information will be automatically entered by filling out the appropriate online form and must not be reported in the body abstract text;

3a) General informations

Mandatory informations:

  • Abstract titles
  • Name and affiliation of all authors and co-authors
  • Abstract submitter informations (name and surname, email, postal address, phone number)
  • Selected Topic
  • The body of your abstract should describe the background, methods, results, and conclusions of your research.

Organization of the Abstract

  1. A brief statement of the purpose of the study
  2. The method used
  3. The result observed
  4. The conclusions based upon the results

We kindly ask you to subtitle the paragraphs in bold format in the following order:

  1. Background: a statement of purpose of the study (preferably one sentence)
  2. Methods: a brief statement of the methods used. For abstract reporting clinical research a sentence or phrase presenting the most important selection criteria for subjects should be included
  3. Results: a summary of the results presented in sufficient detail with statistical analysis to support the conclusions
  4. Conclusions: a statement of the conclusions reached. It is not satisfactory to state, “the results will be discussed”, or “the data will be presented”


Affiliations should include department, institute, town and country. Where there are multiple affiliations, each should be listed as a separate paragraph. Each institute should appear in the order used against the author names and show the appropriate superscript number, e.g.:

1 Department, University, Town, State, Zip code

2 University, Town, State, Postcode

3 Company, Town, State, Canada, Postcode

Consent to Publish

Should your abstract contain identifiable information about a patient, we ask all consent is received before submitting your abstract. Please check the box if you have received consent to publish or if you do not need consent to publish.

  • Please, do not insert illustrative material in the body text of your abstract ·
  • The body abstract text is limited to 2500 characters, including spaces;
  • The abstract title is limited to 1000 characters, including spaces;
  • The abstract submitter will be notified about the correct upload of the paper by e-mail;
  • In case you do not receive any upload confirmation within 24 hours, please check first your spam folder and then contact the Organizing Secretariat at the following e-mail address:
  • Abstract must be submitted only via congress website, abstract submitted by e-mail, fax or by mail will not be accepted;
  • Abstract submitted later than JUNE, 30 2018 will not be accepted;
  • Abstract will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scientific Committee; the presentation format for each abstract will be determined by the Scientific Program Committee; types of presentations includes Traditional Poster and Oral Communications;
  • The Organizing Secretariat will notify by e-mail within 5th NOVEMBER 2018 to the abstract SUBMITTER the acceptance or rejection of the paper;
  • The Organizing Secretariat will send all the information and guideline for both Traditional Poster and Oral Communication to selected abstract presenter;
  • Authors whose abstracts and/or final papers are selected and included in the Scientific Program will be required to register for the Conference paying the registration fee within OCTOBER, 1 2018 attending the conference and presenting the abstract in first person


Presenting authors are responsible for arranging and playing for their own registration, travel and hotel arrangements. Affordable accommodation options are available at: www.wiscsiaaic2018.org